8 Misconceptions People Have About Traveling

Traveling is something I really love. The ignorant comments that come along with it are something I really hate. Before you verbalize any of the eight ideas on this list, don’t. A girl has got to set some of you straight!

1. “You have to be rich or be a trust fund kid to travel.”

Well you see, my last trip was about $500. I’d say that’s still cheaper than your premium annual pass to Disneyland.

2. “Must be nice to have money to travel.”

It also must be nice to be a passive-agressive jerk.

3. “It’s too expensive to go to Europe.”

Europe can be really expensive, but that’s why you do your research, fly budget airlines and stay in hostels.

4. “Big cities are dangerous!”

I’ve been to six majorly large cities, and I came back alive and not mugged from all of them.

5. “Places in Asia, Africa and South America aren’t good for a vacation. Those are third-world countries!”

Well, that was a racist and uninformed comment. I would gladly take a trip to South Africa, Thailand or Chile any day.

6. “I just don’t have the time to travel.”

Okay, this might be a valid excuse, but not really; I had two jobs this summer and 16 units coming up this fall. And I’m probably still going to find a way to go on a trip.

7. “Don’t you wish the money you spent on traveling was spent on something else?”

Do I wish I had spent my money on a purse or iPad instead of a life changing experience? I can’t say I do.

8. “Aren’t you scared to travel as a woman? Haven’t you seen ‘Taken?’

So as a woman I shouldn’t travel because I’m going to end up in the plot of a fictional movie where a girl gets kidnapped into the sex-trade and Liam Neeson has to kick a whole lot of ass? Don’t talk to me.

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