9 Emojis That Sum Up My Life

Like every early 20-something, I love emojis. They are essential in expressing myself online and through text. What better way to show the world how clever and sassy I am? When I glance over my most used icons, these nine are the reoccurring players in the digital drama that is my life.

1. The Nail Emoji


The quintessential icon of sass: the nail emoji. I freely admit this emoji is everything to me. Now excuse me while I paint my nails instead of listening to what you’re saying.

2The Wine Glass


So, it’s no secret that I love wine; it’s no secret that I love the wine emoji. My only complaint (suggestion, really) would be an update that allows us to switch the liquid to pink or white. You know I love my whites and rosés! Stay sassy and classy, my friends.

3. The Tears


As someone who both cries tears of sadness and tears of joy—and often—it makes sense this has a place in my commonly used list. I’m a sensitive person! This emoji gets me!

4. The Hairflip


Do I even need to explain this one? One of the most perfect emojis of all time with her carefree smile and flick of the wrist. Now she is even better; celebrate diversity y’all!

5. The Puppy


I love dogs with my whole heart. Naturally, I love this emoji with my whole heart. Dogs 4 Life.

6. The Hearts in Eyes


The awestruck emoji of love, admiration and fascination. I use this for everything I love, and I send it to pretty much everyone I love. It’s perfect and cute, and it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy just looking at it!

7. The Waving Hand


While I’m pretty sure this emoji was intended to represent politely waving goodbye, to me it represents waving goodbye to the garbage I don’t need in my life. I just love the sass of this hand. To negativity, stupidity and so on, BYEEEE!!!!

8. The Sunglasses


This guy is the coolest dude in the emoji game. I love this guy. He’s an image of inspiration to put on your slick Ray-Ban® shades and face the day like a boss.

9. The Unimpressed


Someone being a jerk? Send them this face. Someone being racist, sexist or homophobic? Send them this face. Someone trolling your social media comments because they *think* they’re funny? Send them this face. This face is pertinent in allowing me to show people I am thoroughly unamused.

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