5 Challenges of being an INFJ

1. The ideal scenarios we create in our head don’t play out that way in real life


Ok so we envision a conversation going perfectly with a stranger we are trying to impress, getting a job offer during the interview or seeing ourselves on that late night talk show telling charming stories that reflect how interesting and awesome we are (even though we aren’t famous and don’t warrant that kind of attention….YET). Sometimes, that creative daydreaming that we are so good at keeps us away from reality.

2. We’ve jumped to conclusions prematurely


Our combination of intuitive intuition (Ni) and our weak extroverted sensing (Se) along with the fact that we are a judging personality can sometimes lead to a lapse in judgement, poor decision making or false assumptions.

3. We’re feeling all of the FEELS 


Feelings are great when they’re warm and fuzzy and all of the wonderful things in life, like excitement, joy, compassion and gratefulness, but sometimes they’re not so great when we are feeling exhausted, sad, hurt or ignored—and especially if it’s all at the same time! INFJ’s are prone to becoming overwhelmed because we feel so deeply with extraverted feeling (Fe).

4. Our intuition is telling us something is wrong before It’s been actualized


We know something is wrong. We feel it. We sense it. It’s even worse when no one believes us!

“I know something isn’t right.”
“how do you know that? You don’t know that.”
“BUT YES I DO! I just can’t explain it”
*a few days later*

5. We’re really tired but you need to apply our extroversion skills™


Sometimes we need to be social and do real world stuff, but we really just feel like being in bed for 12 hours and then maybe playing The Sims 4 for another six hours. (no, just me?)

(all GIF’s from Giphy)


2 thoughts on “5 Challenges of being an INFJ

    • Yes, I’ve definitely slept through most of the day in my past Summers. Since we are low energy people we have to figure out ways to stay on a normal sleeping pattern/keep up with life! It can be hard!

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