It’s my first post!

Hi all!

So while I have an about me page, I thought I would delve a little deeper into introducing myself, and explaining why I wanted to started this blog.

First off, I’m wrapping up my junior year at Cal Poly Pomona, and so far it has been absolutely amazing. Not only am I extremely fortunate to attend a school I’ve fallen in love with, I’m also indebted to the wonderful friends and professors I’ve been able to meet.  I am on a fantastic journey of growth, self-expression and maturation. It also helps that I adore my major: I love communication, I love public relations and I love social media. Everyone says to “find your passion” and “major in something you love.” I never thought I would find my passion—and yet here I am.

I started this blog to expand on my professional interests while applying them to my personal interests. You can easily find the seven categories I’ll be writing about on this blog on the top toolbar: health, lifestyle, personality, pop culture, public relations, social issues and travel.

I hope this blog helps me as much as it brings interest to all of you.

Hugs and kisses!


(gif from, Nene Leakes, RHOA: Bravo)


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